Tips for Winning First/Last Goal Scorer Bet


The First/Last Goal Scorer bet is one of the most popular types of bets among players due to its simplicity and high winning potential. In the following article, we will introduce detailed information about the First/Last Goal Scorer bet and provide betting tips compiled from experienced bettors. Let's follow along with Wintips!

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Introduction to First/Last Goal Scorer Bet
The First/Last Goal Scorer bet is a familiar concept to most players. As the name suggests, it is a bet on which team will score the first goal and which team will score the last goal in the entire match. In addition to the First/Last Goal Scorer bet, some bookmakers offer additional betting options, such as both teams not scoring, the first goal scorer, etc.

The First/Last Goal Scorer bet can be played in two different forms: betting on a single half or betting on the entire match, depending on individual preferences. Usually, betting on the entire match receives more attention from players. For the First/Last Goal Scorer bet on the entire match, points are calculated based on the entire official playing time plus any extra time, and goals not recognized by the referee will be recalculated.
It can be said that for most bettors, this is a simple and easy-to-play bet, with various betting amounts offered by many bookmakers. It is not surprising that more and more gamers choose to participate in this type of bet.

Understanding the First/Last Goal Scorer Bet
To win, you first need to have a basic understanding of the information and knowledge regarding this type of bet.
Guide to Reading the Odds
On bookmakers' odds boards, when it comes to the First/Last Goal Scorer bet, there will be accompanying information as follows:
Name of the tournament and the names of the two teams participating in that match: This is essential information that cannot be missed.

Time of the bet: First Half (H1) or Full Match (FT).
In addition, there are other betting options such as:
First Goal: Placing a bet on the team that scores the opening goal after the kickoff whistle.
Last Goal: Placing a bet on the team that scores the final goal before the final whistle.
No Goal: Equivalent to betting on the match ending with a 0-0 scoreline.
According to common convention, for each team in each bet, there is only one number. This is the payout odds offered by the bookmaker for that option if it wins.
Depending on the capability of each team, the odds will vary, and these odds also change continuously as the match unfolds.

Regulations for First/Last Goal Scorer Bet
Not every goal scored is recognized and counted in the bet's result. The goals considered for the First/Last Goal Scorer bet are as follows:
Valid goals: These are the goals officially recognized by the referee and displayed on the match's scoreboard. Goals such as offside, fouls, etc., are not counted in the bet's result.
Own goals: Points are awarded to the opposing team.
Match cancellation before kickoff: Tickets are canceled, and a refund is issued.
Match cancellation after the kickoff whistle and no goals scored: If there have been no goals recognized, the tickets are canceled without a refund. If a goal has been recognized, the bet for the first goal scorer is counted, and the bet for the last goal scorer is canceled.
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Placing Bets
After understanding what the First/Last Goal Scorer bet is, the next important thing is to know how to place the bet. The specific betting process is as follows:
Betting time: You can place the bet before the match or when the match is in progress but has no goals yet. Once a goal has been scored, you can only bet on the last goal.
Odds: They are calculated at the moment the ticket is confirmed.
Betting process: Click on the odds of the option you want to bet on, enter the amount, and confirm.

Tips for Winning First/Last Goal Scorer Bet
Although the First/Last Goal Scorer bet is relatively easy to play with a high winning rate, not everyone can achieve victory. To improve your chances of winning, consider the following tips:

Choose reputable bookmakers for betting: When participating in the First/Last Goal Scorer bet, research and consider placing bets with reputable bookmakers. This will help prevent falling into traps set by fraudulent bookmakers. Moreover, selecting a reputable bookmaker will allow you to identify favorable odds and increase your chances of winning.
Prioritize the "over" option: The "over" option is usually considered stronger in all aspects. Typically, the "over" option can be easily identified through the odds provided by the bookmakers. Low odds usually indicate the "over" option, while high odds indicate the "under" option. For the First/Last Goal Scorer bet, most players choose the "over" option because it has a higher winning rate.

Studying the Two Teams
If you meticulously research information about the two teams, your chances of winning will be around 70%. Players need to find out which team has a higher likelihood of scoring the first and last goals. Additionally, bettors should study other relevant information about the match, such as team lineups, player availability, tactics, etc., to help analyze and make more accurate predictions.

Betting on In-Play Markets
Currently, in-play markets include the First/Last Goal Scorer option, which means this type of bet can be placed during the match. To make the most accurate predictions in in-play markets, players need to continuously observe and analyze the match while paying attention to the odds to capture the most attractive betting opportunities.

Learning from Expert Tipsters
The First/Last Goal Scorer bet is currently favored by many gamblers, which leads to an increasing number of match predictions. To effectively analyze the odds, you need to analyze specific information and make intelligent betting choices. Furthermore, it is advisable to combine various methods of match prediction and consult reliable websites to enhance your winning chances.

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From this article, it can be seen that the First/Last Goal Scorer bet is relatively simple and easy to play. The information provided above contains the most comprehensive and detailed details about this type of bet. We hope that the shared experiences will assist you in achieving easy victories and earning substantial winnings from bookmakers.