Tips for always winning first goal bets with beginner

When it comes to online football betting, you're probably familiar with various types of bets such as the Asian handicap, Over/Under, or European handicap. But what about the first goal bet? If you're not familiar with this type of bet, let wintips guide you through it in this article.
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I. What is the first goal bet?
In football betting, the first goal bet, also known as the kick-off bet, is a type of bet where the player predicts which team will score the first goal before the match starts and places a bet on that team.
The first goal bet is settled quickly, as the result is known from the moment the match begins. It is considered a side bet, and if the match is postponed after the kick-off, the result at the time of the kick-off remains valid.
The first goal bet is introduced to increase excitement and appeal for players, as it is settled quickly, allowing players to know the outcome without having to wait for the full 90 minutes of official play. However, due to this nature, the first goal bet is considered the riskiest type of bet for players. If you're looking to bet on football solely for entertainment purposes, it's advisable to choose simpler bet types that require less analysis, unlike the first goal bet.
II. Characteristics of the first goal bet
In football betting, there are various types of bets, each with its own gameplay. Compared to other bet types, the first goal bet is much easier to play, as players don't need to make extensive calculations or analyze the match beforehand.
With the first goal bet, players simply need to predict and place a bet on the team they believe will score the first goal, without having to wait until the end of the match. Due to the fast-paced nature of the kick-off bet, players need to be alert, have accurate prediction abilities, and particularly understand the two teams involved in the match.
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III. Tips for always winning first goal bets
To give first goal bet players a higher chance of winning, the experts at wintips will share the following tips for betting on the first goal:
Emphasis on the home team
Since the first goal bet doesn't require players to be concerned about the exact score or match outcome, players should focus on researching the home team. Typically, the home team has more advantages and better form, which increases their chances of receiving the first goal.
To win, you need to identify which team is the home team and which team is the away team. Based on that, you can make a reasonable bet, but also consider the case where the match is played on the away team's ground and evaluate the strengths of both teams.
Using the Martingale strategy
This approach is commonly employed by experienced bettors, but it should only be used with small amounts of money.
Using the Martingale strategy for the first goal bet reduces the chances of losing because you only need to double your bet if you lose the previous bet. If you win, you should bet with the original stake, and it's recommended to stop doubling the bet after four consecutive wins and not play with the entire initial stake.
Avoid following the crowd
When participating in the first goal bet, it's advisable not to bet based on popular opinions. Players should have their own viewpoints and betting strategies since this type of bet involves a higher element of risk, and following the crowd increases the risk even further.
Furthermore, players should maintain a strong mindset and be decisive, avoiding hesitation and instead making accurate analyses and confident choices.
Rely on specific statistics
For newcomers to the first goal bet, it can be challenging to predict which team will score the first goal since it depends on the coin toss by the referee. However, experienced players have developed their own strategies.
Players should examine the statistics of previous first goal bets for the participating teams to determine the percentage of times each team received the first goal. Based on these figures, players can make accurate predictions for themselves.
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IV. Conclusion
As long as you understand what the first goal bet is and apply the tips we shared for playing the first goal bet, your chances of winning will increase. Good luck!